Introducing Private Wine Courses

We are now offering crash courses of wine that includes a range of tastings.
Offered by our very own Misa Imports, Eddie Simon.
First Course-
History of Wine
1. Areas of wine making, fermentation and production.
2. Wine and the ancient Greeks and Romans, how wine was a part of Greek mythology
3. Noble Grapes and Mother Varietals
We will discuss how the oldest known wine production originated in modern day Iran (7,000 B.C), Georgia (6,000 B.C), Greece (4,500 B.C) and Armenia (4,100 B.C). We will also learn about the Greek God of wine “Dionysus” and how Romans were the ones who actually adopted the name “Bacchus” used in mythology. We will also learn how the Greeks and Romans were the foundation for what is now know as viticulture.
2nd Course- Noble grapes and Mother Varietals
This is where we get into the tasting part of the lesson. We will taste all 6 of the noble grapes and pair with a variety of small plates. (Sauvignon
Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot) this is where the discussion to
3rd Course- Old World vs. New World in wine production.
4th Course – Old World Wines
1. We will explore the world of France, Italy and Spain and varietals
2. Regions within these countries and history behind the regions
Learn about the lay of the land for old world wines and the different tastes of the
territories these regions are known for.
We will break France down by the following:
1. Bordeaux
2. Burgundy
3. Provence
Italy will be broken down into the following:
1. Piedmont
2. Tuscany
3. Abruzzo
Spain will be broken down into the following:
1. Jumilla
2. Ribera del Duero
4th Course – New World (West Coast)
1. Learn and discover about the CA, OR and WA regions and varietals.

All attendees will take home a gift bag each week, which will include a bottle of wine and material.

If you are interested in booking a Private Wine Course with a group of your closest friends contact us today!

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